Helium User Documentation


As described elsewhere, Helium is primarily a demonstration of the architecture and features of KnownSpace. However it also happens to be a fairly full-featured email navigation application that can be useful, fun to use, and informative. What follows is a description of the features of the application, instructions on using those features, some anecdotes on use, tales of features not yet done, and a collection of frequently asked questions.

Helium is beta software. This means that there may be bugs lurking that will caused unexpected results. Please keep this in mind as you use the software, and report any bugs to helium@burningchrome.com.

Please read and understand the license before using Helium.

Helium is packaged for download in two forms:

This user documentation applies to the Web Start package. The developer documentation contains information on how to use the source distribution, which contains many additional features that help support development.

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